Saturday, January 22, 2011

Showing Some Improvement

Dad is showing some signs of improvement. He was moved from an Intermediate room to a room in Post-Surgical care. That means that Chasity and all the other grandkids can visit Dad.

I spent most of the day yesterday with him....until they moved him. Then I went back last night and spent a little while longer and took Chasity and Tony to see him too.

Then today, I went and spent a few hours up there. I have to go up there to allow my mom to have time to go home, take a shower, run errands, and see her mom! However today, she couldn't get Grandma's clothes to dry, so I had her bring them here to the house to Tony. He dried them. Then he and Chasity came to pick me up. We went to visit my Grandma for a few minutes before we went to grab something to eat. We ended the night by grocery shopping! :)

Now, I'm working on the music for church tomorrow. Dad was going to help me. However, he is in a good bit of pain. When he takes his pain meds, he falls asleep. :( So we didn't get to work on the music. So I'm just doing a few hymns at church tomorrow. Maybe next weekend he'll feel like helping me plan the music the way he normally does. I can handle leading the music, but I need him to help me plan it.

Today while I was there, I got to be the first to see Dad walk! He walked about 50 feet (maybe a little more) from his room to the corner and back. After I left, they had him up again. Mom said he walked a little further. Then he took his medicine and it knocked him out. :(

The doc said he's hoping to send him home tomorrow. However, we are just hoping that Dad is ready. We don't want him to end up back in the hospital in a couple days because we let him come home too soon.

But.... we believe what Dad always says...... "God's Got a Plan". So.... we're just going along with the plan that God has designed for Dad.

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