Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow---or the Possibility of It!

According to the weather reports, we should have 6-8 inches of snow between now and Tuesday afternoon. On top of the snow, we will have a layer (about 1/4") of ice from the freezing rain and stuff coming behind it. Then the temps are not supposed to get out of freezing until Friday (maybe Thursday--if we stretch them)!

Schools in Georgia started closing 2 hours before the snow started falling there. South Carolina schools did the exact same thing. A few schools in NC have started to do it. One of the neighboring counties is already out, but our district and the district that we share a meshed (you have to cross the lines of each district to get to schools in either district) border with are still open.

I'm sure that they will probably close. I'm just hoping they wait until stuff starts falling. If they close for another rain day (like they did before Christmas) I'm going to be ANGRY on Saturday morning when I have to get up for Chasity to go to school!

I hope that when I wake up in the morning there is snow, but I guess I have to go to sleep for that to happen! :)

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