Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stupid Hospital Rules

I have been at the hospital all day. I got there just before 7am this morning!

Around 9am they came in and said that dad was doing great and the docs were still working on him.

Around 11:15am the doc came out to talk to us. The surgery was over. Dad was in recovery. Doc said that he had about an hour or two and then he would be moved to the Post Surgical care.

Dad has sleep apnea. DUH! We knew that! He's had the machine for a year or so now.

So because of his sleep apnea, they decided to take Dad to Intermediate care. That's a step down unit from ICU.

Why does this make me upset?

Chasity can't go in there to see him!

Which means that neither can I!

I am so heartbroken right now.

I left the hospital at 2pm to get Chasity from school.

I had all intentions of picking Chasity up and then heading back to the hospital to see Dad. Since Chasity can't go in, I have to wait until after I am finished with Girl Scouts at 8pm tonight to go up there.

I know that Dad understands. However, when my Papaw was in the hospital, Dad wouldn't take "no" for an answer. He told them that Chasity was going in to see Papaw no matter what. I'm hoping that this is just for tonight, since that is what they are saying! Chasity will be able to go to the Post-Surgical unit to see him tomorrow!

For tonight, I have to take something up to him from her. Then I can go up there as soon as I want to tomorrow!!

No matter how stupid I think the rules are at the hospital, Dad is out of surgery and doing well. Isn't that all I prayed for anyways?

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