Friday, January 14, 2011


My daughter's best friend is Madison. She is only 2 days younger than Chasity. They "knew" each other before they were born. (I know Madison's older sisters--my mom used to keep them!)

Anyways, since today is another Snow Day because the back roads/side roads are not clear yet, I decided to surprise Chasity with a sleepover guest. This is supposed to be Madison's weekend with her dad, but lately she has been acting up for him, so her mom got the okay for her to stay with us!

She is going to be here until SUNDAY! I've never kept her that long!

So right now, I hear the sounds of little girls giggling and playing and whispering (loudly) in the other room!

Chasity had NO IDEA Madison was coming.

After Girl Scouts last night we went to WalMart. I told Chasity we had "Company" coming over after Scouts. I told her we needed to stop by the store to get some things that we were out of since she had been at home and eating house food all week. :) So then I called Madison's mom and told her we were on the way. I told Chasity that we had to stop to pick "something" up.

When Madison walked out the house with her suitcase, I thought Chasity was going to have a heart attack! She was screaming!

Then when she found out that Madison is staying until Sunday after church..... well... the screaming started again! lol

I think Chasity is happy that I made her clean her room for the "company" to come over! ;)

Don't you just love surprises (good ones at least)?!

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