Wednesday, March 23, 2011


NOTE: I wrote this in my little 5x7 notebook that I keep in my purse on Sunday.

Sometimes my temper gets the best of me. Okay! A lot of times!

Sometimes it's because I really have something to be mad about.

Sometimes it's because of stress.

Sometimes it's because I let a million little things pile up on me.

But, sometimes, it's really for no reason at all.

Today, it was a combination of all of those. However, I really feel as though I handled myself well.

First, I really don't feel well. Between what I'm figuring is my 2nd sinus infection in 2011--gotta love being allergic to everything--and what I think is an ear infection in my left ear, I feel lousy! I really feel like crap! I just want to sleep because that's the only time I don't feel the pressure in my head and ears.

Secondly, Chasity decided to tell us today (Sunday) that another boy in her class is picking on her for being WHITE! Seriously! I call it bullying and I have a problem with her not standing up for herself.

Thirdly, with both of those things on my brain and a few other things too, we went to Wal-Mart after church. This is nothing new. We go every Sunday because all the other days are full! Tony got two drinks from the machine. He guzzled his faster than a Mack truck guzzles fuel and then he offered my drink to Chasity.

Before I get the "you should be a good mommy and share" comments, sharing is not a problem for me. I let her drink some of it while I proactively picked out a new hair dryer because mine is on its last leg. It sparks and doesn't want to dry hair all the time! It's not dead yet, but it could be any day! (Update.... it died Monday morning!)

I reached for the can of Sprite and Chasity grabbed it and said "NO"! So I decided to take my phone and my purse and walk away.

Then Tony decided to cause a scene because Chasity and I were "acting like babies".

Sure... it was a small thing, and I shouldn't have gotten mad, but I did!

When I wrote this, I was sitting in my car with the windows down in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

When I finished writing, I went back in the store. Tony and Chasity were walking out. Since I had not been in the store for more than 5 minutes, I decided to walk around. I stayed in the store for about 20 minutes.

During that time, Tony called me 2x to tell me where he was moving the car to. He felt bad keeping the premium spot we had gotten so he moved to beside the sidewalk to wait for me.

When I came out, I wasn't ready to get in the car with them yet. So I walked from the door of Wal-Mart to the end of the parking lot. Finally I did call Tony to tell him that if they were ready to go home, they could come get me.

Childish? Yes!

Was I being a brat? Yes!

Did I feel better than if I had caused a scene and thrown the Sprite at the wall in Wal-Mart? Yes!

I think I handled myself well.... for once!

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