Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Brain is Empty and Some UPDATES

Since the other day when I emptied my brain on here, I haven't really done anything (except homework)!!

Before midnight tonight, I will complete my FINAL assignment for this class I'm in. Then I'll complete the Evaluation that has been sitting in my UNCC email inbox for over a week!!! :) I'm looking forward to that one! (Honestly, I hate doing the evals when there is nothing to say! It's really boring!)

Chasity went back to the doctor on Monday for her ear. The infection is gone, but there is a 15% tear in her right ear. They did the complete hearing test. Her left ear is PERFECT. However, she has about a 20-25 decibel loss in her right ear. That means that if you are speaking into her right ear, you have to be loud our she won't hear you. :(

That makes me sad!!

There is another surgery they can do for her. After the summer, she goes back for another check-up. If her ear hasn't healed itself, then the doctor will probably want to do the surgery during Christmas break. :(

We are trying not to let Chasity know that we are worried, but I am terrified! She came into the world with PERFECT hearing. I'd love for her to keep it! :) So.... if surgery is what will fix it, then surgery it shall be.

I'm just believing for her miracle!! Jesus healed the deaf in the Bible. Who's to say he won't do it again?

So if you guys will be prayer warriors for us, just ask that God will heal Chasity's ear. I don't want to think about the alternative right now. :)

Also..... Grandma's (mom's mom) doctor said she seems to be improving some. She's eating some. She's still off her meds, but I think the doc is going to leave it like that. She's just really tired. She keeps saying "I want to go home." We are all afraid to ask her "Where is home?" We are afraid of what she might say!

So for today, she's still with us and we get a little more time to love on her! :)

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