Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's Taunting Me

Sitting in my UNCC email inbox right now is the Course Evaluation email for this semester!

As we all know, this has not been the best semester So, I have a few unfriendly things to say about this course.

So, I am waiting. I haven't even opened it since the title of the email gives away the contents.

I have to finish my assignment for this week. Then I think that next week is all that I have left in this class..... maybe through Mother's Day, but I think next week is it!

Then I am going to give it to this class and unhelpful professor with both barrels!

I am just waiting!





I sound like somewhat of a ticking time bomb, don't I?

It's ok. I can wait until the class is over to tell the university that this professor should never be allowed the internet again to teach a class. That they should make sure the professors know the course they are teaching, what is expected, and how to work the technology before they assign them to a course online!

I will wait!

Then.... I will click on the message.

I will click the little blue link.

I will click to fill in all the little bubbles on the survey.

Then I will fill up the "Comments" box with lots of stuff that the university should know!

But for now..... I wait!

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