Monday, May 2, 2011


Class is finished..... until Summer school starts. I'm just waiting on Financial Aid information to find out if I can take the Summer School classes I need. ;)

If I get these two classes out of the way, take two classes in the fall (but they might both be ON campus), and take two classes in the Spring.... I can GRADUATE in May 2012!!! That means that I will have completed my Masters' Degree and will make more money! :)

Of course, to make more money, I have to have a job! lol

I'm getting more Substituting jobs. I'm working the 2nd 1/2 of tomorrow (from noon-4pm) and all day Wed and Thurs for ONE teacher. I'm guessing she has had an emergency and will have to leave early tomorrow and come back on Friday.

I'm surprised because most teachers are working on getting ready for Finals and EOGs and EOCs. So most of them are afraid to miss school right now!!

Now... let's just pray that I can get a real job in the fall, can get the money to take these two summer classes, and can get myself graduated from college (for the 2nd time) in May 2012!!! (That's only NINE years after the first degree! And.... I took a FIVE year break! Personally, I think that's pretty awesome!)

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