Friday, July 1, 2011

Heartbroken and Rejoicing

It has been a strange, long, busy month. I will (I promise to try) get some pics and info up for what has been going on this past month.

Right now, my heart is broken, but I am rejoicing.

Yesterday at 3:29pm, God called my Grandma Edwards home. This is my mom's mom. She would be 93 on July 30th. She had been sick for 2 weeks.....exactly.....14 days.

She has 4 children still living--mom, Uncle Tommy, Uncle Arbeth, and Aunt Rhonda. Mom and Uncle Tommy live here in town. So they helped the nursing home to take care of her. (YES! We had to help them because they did not always do their jobs!) Aunt Rhonda now lives in GA. She was living in SC, but her hubby got a job in GA so she had to move. Uncle Arbeth is the oldest. He's in his 70s. His health isn't great, but he still gets around from day-to-day. His wife has Alzheimer's. He lives about an hour away.

The nursing home called the family in on Tuesday. Mom and Uncle Tommy basically moved in up there. They only left to eat and shower. Aunt Rhonda drove up on Tuesday night and left on Wednesday.

Grandma was still holding on. She wasn't eating, drinking, taking her medicines. Her breathing was very labored. But, she was holding on.

Some of the Grandkids (and great-grands) visited. I honestly don't know how many Grands and Great-grands were in and out of her room this week.

Finally yesterday, Uncle Arbeth came to see her. His two daughters brought him down here.

About 2-1/2 or 3 hours after he left, Grandma died.

We knew it was going to happen. He was the last piece of the puzzle.

My mom, dad, Uncle Tommy, and my sister (maybe my brother too, but I'm not sure) were with her when she went.

They said her breathing became easier. She opened her eyes and smiled a great big smile!

I can only imagine what she saw in that last glimpse...... or was it her FIRST glimpse of Heaven? I guess I'll have to try to remember to ask her that when I get there one day! :)

Mom is really taking it I expected.

Chasity was really close to her too. She hasn't seen her since she passed. So tomorrow should be interesting for her.

We have the viewing and the funeral tomorrow.

It's going to be a hard day.

Right now, Grandma is celebrating with Jesus.

Just keep my family in your prayers for the next few days!

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marcieb77 said...

Leslie I know exactly what you're going through... My thoughts and prayers are with your family...