Monday, August 15, 2011

Birthday Week 2011

Chasity's birthday is on Thursday.

So....she has decided that this whole week should be used to celebrate her.

In all reality, 8 years ago, this whole week was dedicated to her.

I wasn't sure what day she would come, so I spent many of my days finishing her nursery, making sure all our stuff was packed for the hospital, and getting paperwork ready to take with us to the hospital.

Then, I went into labor on Sunday, August 17th at 6pm. Chasity was born August 18th at 2:10am!

Not bad! I was only in labor for 8 hours. One-and-a-half of those hours was spent riding to the hospital. We lived in Concord at the time and she was born in Winston-Salem. :)

Now, I have the best kid in the world!!! And, I tell her that every day!

We are planning to go to Tweetsie Railroad on Thursday (if Tony can get off work)!!

Her party is on Saturday!

Tomorrow, we are hanging out at the daycare for just a little bit, but then we are going to go find a bakery to do the cake that Chasity wants for her party.

For now.... I'm chilling out with her....letting HER decide what we watch on TV, what we do, and what we don't do.

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Sues said...

HAPPIEST to her & mommy-congrats to you! :-D

You know how much we love Tweetsie, so I hope y'all get to go! :-)