Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Before I went into the interview today, I had a conversation with God.

I said, "I didn't even apply for this job. It's not listed on the website. Maybe YOU picked this one for me. I have been applying for jobs that *I* want. Maybe this is what YOU want for me. So when I get in there, just let this be an easy interview."

Honestly, I sat there talking to those two Assistant Principals like I had known them for years. At one point, one of them asked me a yes/no question. I said "yeah, I do." Then I stopped myself and said, "I am so sorry. That was rude. Yes sir...." Then I answered the question for him.

I spoke with one AP then he called in another one. However, when it was just the first AP in there with me, he asked a question. Then when the other AP came in, he told him about my answer.

I think it went really well.

They said they have to make a decision by Friday.

Maybe I'll get the call when I'm on the mountain tomorrow at Tweetsie! Then I really would feel like I was on TOP OF THE WORLD!!! :) (Sorry....couldn't resist!)

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