Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Productive So Far

Today, I am waiting for the call from HR at my new job to call me to do paperwork.

I have already arranged for daily after-school transportation for Chasity (beginning today).

She already rides the bus in the mornings.

I am hoping that I will get my paperwork completed soon and get into my classroom! I am excited!

Over the weekend, I went through all the stuff that I have already. I filled up 3 notebooks with "random stuff"...grammar, vocab, short stories, novels, etc. I filled up one notebook with "Romeo and Juliet" stuff! Hopefully I can use some of it (I'm sure I will be able to) in my new classroom.

I sat in the floor for a few hours working on getting my notebooks together. I couldn't stay focused because of the excitement! while I'm waiting on the call, I'm being productive.

I have already read 50 pages. I have 88 left to read. Then the writing starts!

I've been productive so far!

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