Thursday, July 12, 2012

Daddy's Heart

As everyone who knows me knows, I am a Daddy's Girl!  I love my mom, but I am Daddy's Girl!  :) 

On Sunday morning, I received a text from my mom.  It said that I needed to be sure I was on time for church because Dad was having a hard time breathing.  Dad has had a kidney stone for a couple weeks, so we all thought that maybe it had something to do with that, or the heat, or the fact that he had mowed the grass on Saturday morning.

When I got to church, Dad was sitting on the back pew and huffing and puffing.  I asked if he was going to sing or if I was going to be in charge.  He told me he was going to do it.  He made it through about a song and a half.  Then he turned to me to tell me to take over, and he walked off the pulpit.  He sat down on the second pew and started holding his chest. 

By the end of the next song, the pastor was praying for him.  We believing in laying on hands and praying.  We have seen many people healed in our church, but Dad's breathing wasn't getting any better.  The preacher asked if Dad wanted an ambulance.  Dad said No.  The preacher called Mom to the front to talk to Dad.  Dad kept saying he just wanted to go home. 

There's a lady in our church; we call her "Mama Claus".  Her husband just recently passed, but he had had several heart attacks, so she came to the front to talk to Dad.  She got right in Dad's face and told him that he needed to go to the hospital.  It was humorous because she's like 4' 11" and Dad is 6' 3".  So with him sitting and her standing, they were eyeball-to-eyeball. 

Mom said for us to keep singing, so I made it through one more song. Mom loaded Dad into the truck with the help of about 4 guys from the church and the church wheelchair.  I made arrangements for Chasity for the afternoon, and Tony and I left too.

We headed for the ER.

In the ER, they ran tests and told us they were going to keep Dad for a day or two.  They diagnosed him with Congestive Heart Failure.  They said he needs to get a lot of fluid off of him, lose some weight, and start eating differently.

On Monday, they ran more tests.  Then they sent him home on Monday evening.

Tuesday was pretty uneventful.  He rested.  The Heart clinic people called.  All his appointments started being set.

Yesterday was a different story.  He had an appointment with the Heart Doctor.  They were supposed to just confirm everything we learned in the hospital and do some blood work.  The appointment was at 2pm.  It lasted until 4:30pm.  (I was working at the daycare in Mom's place while she took Dad to the doctor.)

When Mom came back, she told us (the other daycare worker and myself) that Dad has to have a Heart Catherization.  They are going to do it next Thursday.

My mind started racing.  So I called a friend who has been through this with her dad, the daughter of the lady who got in Dad's face at church.  She talked me "off the ledge".

Sometimes it's hard to imagine that your hero is mortal!  I always saw him as a SUPERhero!  :)  Unstoppable!  Unbeatable!  

However, I'm taking it all as it comes.

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Lynne said...

Hi Leslie, I am so glad they have a forward plan for your dad and it looks like he is getting good care. Praying God guides the surgeon's hands and heals him! I believe in prayer and laying of hands, too. God Bless!