Tuesday, July 17, 2012

House or Land

At the end of the school year, Tony, Chasity and I started shopping for a new house.  We currently rent, and we have been here since 2007.  Where we are is great!  We have a wonderful landlord.  However, it's time to move on.  We need something of our own. 

We found a house and put in an offer.  We went back and forth.  They didn't accept our final offer.  Then, the day that we found another house we wanted to see, we got the call that the owners wanted to accept the final offer we had made.  However, we went to the another house and decided to make an offer on it.  It was a short sale and we had to get a lot of extra paper work and stuff together.  In the process we learned that the loan we were looking at wouldn't work for the house we wanted.  So it was going to end up costing us too much to purchase the house.  So we gave up on it. :(

We have found out that another offer was put in on it, but we can always hope that the offer won't go through and they will lower the price again so that we can get it.  If so.... I promise to spill the details here.

However, we are looking at land too.  Would it be better to buy a ready made house or buy land and build a house?  

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Lynne said...

Sounds like you are in an exciting dilemma! I could offer suggestion but you will know what best suits your family and hopefully have done your homework on house values in your area, etc. Best wishes!