Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Summer That (Almost) Wasn't

June 8th--Last day of school

June 12--Chasity had pneumonia

June 28--Chasity had an ear infection

July 8--Dad was rushed to ER (overnight in hospital--congestive heart failure)

July 11-26--Working at daycare for Mom to take Dad to doctor's appointments

July 18--Chasity had double ear infection

July 31--Only 27 days until school starts (for kids)--13 for me!

This is crazy.  With all of this going on, we haven't had a vacation.  We haven't gone swimming.  She hasn't had a single one of the softball lessons we had lined up.  This is crazy! 

We have a paid trip to Hilton Head waiting on us (3 nights/4 days).  We can't leave town long enough to go.  Mom doesn't really have anyone else who will put up with the kids at the daycare so that she can be out to take Dad where he needs to go.  There are other people who help when they can, but I'm the only one that drops everything to go. 

So.... I guess we will go to Tweetsie one Saturday soon....before October.  Then we will have Hilton Head for Spring Break or next summer. We have ONE YEAR to use it!  Maybe no one will fall about next year. 

This has been the summer that (almost) wasn't.  LOL

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