Thursday, August 16, 2012


So I really don't say much about politics and Presidents on here.  I try to keep this politic free because I have friends who are EXTREMELY opposite of me and I really don't want to offend. 

If you care to discuss politics with me, come to me calmly and we can talk.

However, here is what I want to say. 

It's AUGUST already--almost September!  We have been hearing about the candidates for what seems like forever! 

I know who I am voting for.

I'm sure MOST Americans have made their decisions too.

I think that the TVs should be CAMPAIGN-FREE ZONES from now until November.  I'm a little tired of Romney saying things about Obama.  I'm tired of Obama saying things about Romney. 

I've met one of the candidates for Governor, and I'm tired of hearing him speak.

I think at this point, all politics should go to an online campaign.  If people want the truth about the candidates, do research online for yourself.  We all know that NONE of the commercials are 100% true anyways.  Most of them stretch the truth just to get votes.

Now, I have said what I want to say.  (I think I stayed very neutral--although I'm very UNneutral at the polls!)

Comment if you agree!

1 Comments from my friends:

Sues said...

Same boat - I know who I'm voting for, and I'm sure nothing I say will change the minds of anyone who believes differently. I cannot stomach the vitriol & negativity!!! It's pure poison. I can't wait until the elections are OVER.