Monday, October 1, 2012

My New Journey

Actually, I guess it's not new.  I have fought with my weight my entire life.  I was the "cute chubby" baby.  Then I was the "plump" girl all through school.  Who invented those stupid "Pretty Plus" clothes anyways?

Now...however...I am the overweight adult.  I have tried (and succeeded) several times to lose weight. Unfortunately, the keeping it off is always my downfall.  I do really well....until I hit that plateau where I stop losing at a rapid rate.  Then I start getting aggravated.  I start "cheating". 

Today, I am starting on a new "old" journey.  I am starting Herbalife today.  The last time I used Herbalife, I lost about 70 lbs. from January to June.  (Then came the plateau!)

This time, I really need to lose a LOT! 

I'd rather not post my actual weight on here right now.  So.... next week, I will just post how much I lost! :)  Then....  one day.... I will post my weight totals....  when I'm not this weight any more and it might not hurt so much.

Prayers and support are always welcome! :) 

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