Thursday, January 3, 2013

400th post and other news

So yesterday, 1/2/13, was my 400th post!  I really should keep up with things like that! 

Of course, I am hoping that I will almost double (or really double) the number of posts I had (total) by the end of 2013. 

Some days, I just feel like there is nothing to write.  Some days I just don't have time to write.  Some days, I feel like if I write what I want to, you will not want to read it. 


This year, since we moved, I moved the Princess to a new school.  (I never should have done that!)  However, I did.  We really aren't impressed with the school.  But, it's the district we live in.  So, I guess she will be there ONE more year for 5th grade.  Then she will go to middle school.  (Her middle school has a new principal this year, and I really like her.  I'm hoping she will stick around until Chasity gets there...and is finished there.)

The latest problem is that my munchkin has ear infections.  We all know that.  She has them all the time.  Gooey goo drains from her ears.  It's gross.  So yesterday, she went to the nurse because she was having sharp pains in her ear.  If I had known that she was having sharp pains with the infection, I would have taken her back to the doctor.  (We have a 2nd round of antibiotics already!)  Unfortunately, instead of calling more than one number, the nurse called and left my husband a message.  That was 1pm.  He didn't get it until after 4pm.  Too late to go to doc then. :( 

The school has 2 numbers for Tony, 3 numbers for my mom (and with Dad at home right now, someone would answer at all three of those), and 2 numbers for me (one of which comes straight to my classroom)!! 

If she had been sick, would they have just left a message and hoped for a return call?  Nope!  They would have called until a human answered.  They should do that anyways....  To me, her hearing/ears is just as important as a stomach bug or the flu.  (I'm just saying!)

Hopefully today will be a better "ear" day!  :) 

In other news, the kids at my school were somewhat calm yesterday.  They did what was asked, with minimal complaining.  They are high school kids after all! 

Counting today, we only have 8 days until exams.  OMG!  I need to write that exam ASAP!  lol :) 

I have an idea of what I am going to write.  I just need to get my review stuff ready for the kids.  Of course, we are working on English review (for their regular English classes) starting today.  (I already have a copy of that exam!!) 

Let's hope they are still calm today! least still attempting to work today.

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