Monday, January 7, 2013

Another Countdown

As you know, I am a high school teacher.  In the county where I teach (and in many places now) the classes run on a 4X4 block schedule.  This means that the students have 4 classes from August until January; then they change classes and have 4 different classes from January to June.

Right now, we are in the final days of the first semester.  The students only have this week (5 days) and then Monday of next week of "regular" classes.  Then they have four days of exams--one each day.  That means that next week, the students will get out of school early on Tuesday thru Friday.  Then we have our Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday and a teacher workday the following week. 

I can't believe that I only have these kids for 6 more days and an exam. 

I'm a little excited to see what my new kids will be like, but I have gotten so used to these kids.  They are FABULOUS!!!  I can't imagine having a better group.  (I am going to double my numbers next semester too!)  Right now my largest class is 8 kids; my other two classes are 7 and 5.  Next semester, my numbers look to be 13, 14, and 14.  What am I going to do with ALL those kids in ONE room?  LOL  :) 

I'm sure I will manage!  Last year, at a different school, I had 25-28 kids in a class!  (I think I can handle 1/2 that many here!) 

Besides...the kids here really are very well behaved!  :) 

I just can't believe there is only 6 days of class left! 

NOTE TO SELF:  Must get the students ready for their exam!! :) 

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