Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Schooling Options

Monday evening, Tony, my mom, and I took the Princess to check out one of the local private schools.  It's the oldest in the city.  It's HUGE.  I remember watching it grow as some of my friends from church attended there growing up.  It's a church-based school that teaches Bible, but they also teach all the other stuff that kids need for college. 

Note: Recently (the past 2 years, I think) they have had 2 students receive perfect scores on their SATs!!!  As a mom, I think that is huge.  As a teacher, I know how wonderful that is--very rare!  :) 

We are looking into sending the Princess there for next year.  I'm hoping that we can work it out.  We are going to pray about it and do the paperwork for financial aid for it.  We shall see! 

I'm just not happy with the educational situation she is in right now.  Without taking her to a school that she would only attend for ONE year, I can't move her next year in the public school system.  I would LOVE to send her to private school--just through middle school.  Then when she gets to high school, let her go "blow the curve" in all her classes because she will be ready for Honors/AP classes! :) 

I just hope we make the right decision for her----not just something I want.  It needs to be right for her.

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