Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Plan for Today

Last week, Tony informed me that he had to work today and tomorrow.  Luckily, he's in town, and not an hour away like normal.  Unfortunately, the last time he worked a weekend on the job he's doing this weekend, he worked Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday.  They all blended together though because he didn't get off work "Friday" until 2 am Saturday morning.  Then he went BACK to work 8am, and he worked until 3am Sunday morning.  Sunday he went back in at 8 am.  He got off at 5am on Monday morning, took Chasity to school, took a shower, and went back to work until 9pm on Monday night!!! 

The GREAT thing about it?  The paycheck.  Saturdays are automatic time-and-a-half.  Sundays are automatic double time!!!  That paycheck was AWESOME!!! 

The horrible thing?  We didn't get to see Tony much and he was exhausted the entire week trying to "catch up" on sleep!

However, he says that is won't be that bad this weekend.  He did not have to work last night.  That's a good thing!  He went in this morning though.  He's there already!  I'll call later to see how things are looking!


1. Get showered and dressed
2. Get all my scrapbooking stuff loaded in the car
3. Pick up pictures at Walgreen's
4. Scrapbook with the Scrap Happy Divas (11am-5pm)
5. Unload the scrapbooking stuff from my car
6. Rest because the scrapbooking stuff weighs 900 tons!  (OK....maybe not, but it's heavy and I'm bad with numbers!)
7. Work on emptying more boxes.  (Finally started in the office last night.  The REAL office.  The room we are in currently is going to be the play room!  We have to relocate!)
8. Hang with the family--or go to sleep (depending on what time Tony gets home!)

Scrap Happy Divas makes for a great day!

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