Friday, January 25, 2013

Things My Daughter Says

Sometimes Chasity has brilliant moments.  She is 9, in the 4th grade (and reading on almost a 7th grade level), and uses words I'm sure I didn't use correctly until college.

For example:

The other day we were in the car (where most of our really interesting conversations happen).  She was playing Angry Birds on my phone.  All of a sudden she yelled, "I'm going to pulverize you pig!"  Obviously, I was floored!  Naturally, I said, "Did you say pulverize?"  Her response was, "Well, duh!  It just means I'm going to kill him!" 

Today, however, was not one of her more intellectual days. 

We all know I'm wanting to write a book.  What should I write one about?  Who knows.  I have an idea, but I can't get it going.  So, I'm thinking it's not the right idea for now. :)  I need something I can write about that will just flow.  (I don't want to deal with "Writer's Block" until I've actually started writing!  I'm just saying.)  Suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Anyways, so I'm just playing online and Chasity comes into the room.  Every time I sit at the computer, I think of writing.  While I'm doing everything else on the computer, I try to come up with something to write.  (Sometimes it works and I write it here, but other times.... NADA!)

I asked her, "What should I write a book about?"

Her response???

"ME!" Then I gave her a funny look.  "Don't you want ME in your book Mommy?"

"Of course, but I can't just write about you.  I have to have something to write about!" 

"So, write about how you and Daddy got married and had me.  You can add funny stuff to the story so that it's a FICTION story!  You know that FICTION means that it's not true right?  Just make the stuff that you add funny so people will want to read it!  I would totally read a funny story, Mommy!"

She might be on to something, but seriously?  I'm an English teacher.  I know the difference in FICTION and NONFICTION!  Who does she think she is????

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