Friday, February 1, 2013

Long Week--Flew By

I know, you just looked at the title and said, "WHAT?"!!!  I would have too.

This has been an extremely long week.  For the past few weeks (3 I think) at work we have had early release days, holidays, and "snow"/"ice" days.  So we have not had complete weeks in 3 weeks. 

This week, we have been in school normal hours all week.  5 days!  7 hours/day! That's CRAZY!

However, even with being in class 7 hours a day, the days have flown by.  It could be that I am still getting used to my new kids.  It could be that time is just flying as I get older.  It could be....  a million things, but this week has flown!

Every day seemed to take forever to pass.  Now, today is Friday, and it feels like yesterday was just Monday.

I think I could be going crazy.  What do you think? 

Ever had this happen to you?

So... I have had an extremely long week that has flown by.  (Sounds weird, but it is possible!)

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