Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Weird Happenings, eBay, and RSD

So.... on Sunday morning, I posted something.  Or... at least I thought I did. :)  However, there is nothing there. 

It really wasn't much.  I was in a hurry (much like right now).  It said "SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!  GO RAVENS!"  (or something just as lame!)  Now, it's not here.  So....  according to Blogger, I "missed" posting on Sunday. :(  I'm thinking in my hurry, I forgot to hit PUBLISH!  lol

In the last month, everything I have listed on eBay (5 items) have sold!  Let's hope this trend continues as I have probably 100 things I need to get rid of.  Mostly Chasity's old clothes--good condition, but too small for her!

Now....does anyone know anything about RSD?  The docs are saying that's possibly what my dad has.  So... I'm afraid to Google it.  You know all the RANDOM crap you get from Google.  I'm afraid some stupid page will say that his leg is going to fall off from it!  LOL  (Extreme, but you know Google!)  ;)

I will be back with more.  Right now, I'm going to eat breakfast and get ready for work.

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