Monday, March 18, 2013

Almost Spring Break

In our school system, we have this week (5 days) and next week (4 days) before Spring Break.  The kids get Good Friday off.  However, teachers have a 1/2 day planning day--REQUIRED! 

Then we have an entire week off for Spring Break!  I'm excited!  After that, we only have 9 weeks left until Summer vacation.  (Our 3rd quarter ends the day before Spring Break!) 

I'm excited!  (Did I say that already!?)

I can't wait to sleep past 4am on Spring Break! 

We don't have much (anything) planned, but I am looking forward to sleeping!  :) 

Before then, I need to get my kids through the stuff we are working on so they don't forget it while they are out for break.  That means a tests and a research presentation are due NEXT WEEK for me to grade before Friday--when report card grades are due! :) 

Let's hope this goes REALLY well! :) 

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