Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Curriculum Night (a.k.a. Meet the Teacher Night)

I can speak in front of my teenage students for hours.  We have fun. We learn.  We do what we have to do. 


When it comes to speaking to their parents, for even 8 minutes in a group, I get sweaty, nervous, sickish! 


Tonight at my school, we are doing Curriculum Night.  That means that the parents get to walk their students’ schedules.  Each “class” will be 8 minutes long. They will have 5 minutes to get from “class” to “class”.  This is a time for me to let the parents know what is going on in class, what their angels are up to, and what we will be doing after Spring Break in a couple of weeks.  This is NOT a time for Parent-Teacher Conferences.  (The good thing is that if a parent wants a conference, my school does it a little differently that any other I have seen.  The parent has to set it up with a guidance counselor.  The counselor and the student’s other teachers are all in there together with an administrator and the parent.  That way it’s not a game of “he said, she said” when it is all over.) Smile  I LOVE THAT!  I haven’t had to have a parent conference this year.  A few phone calls/emails home… the problems normally resolve themselves! 


I’m looking forward to meeting the new parents tonight.  I have had their kids since January.  I think it will be good to put a name with some of the voices/emails I have sent home. Smile 


The bad part of tonight is that I don’t get to come home from work.  School is out at 2:15.  Curriculum Night starts at 6pm.  I have to be back by 5:30pm.  There is really no need in me driving 30 minutes home to sit and relax and drive 30 minutes back.  Especially since I would be in 5pm traffic trying to get back!  I will work on grading some stuff.  Then I will get something to snack on.  I will straighten my room.  Then the parents will be there. 


It will be over by 7pm.  Still daylight! (Thanks to Daylight Savings Time!)  I can drive home! Smile 


I just wish this nervous, icky, sickish feeling would go away! Smile  (It will…right around 7pm!)

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