Friday, April 5, 2013

500th Post


I have been trying really hard to figure out what to write for my 500th post.  Really, it got here much more quickly than I would have imagined.  (I guess when you write every day, milestones come up more quickly!)  So, today, I’m going to show you some of the Easter goodies and cuteness that were at my house.


As you know, we had SONrise Service at 6am on Easter Sunday.  That presents an issue for the Easter Bunny presents/candy.  He normally leaves them, but then the Princess doesn’t get them until after church. This year, she wanted them BEFORE church.  So she got them…..only after she was ready to go for the SONrise Service.

Here is what the Easter Bunny left for the Princess:

(Ignore the Girl Scout cookies and my WONDERFUL Redskins blanket in the background!)

For SONrise, we wear jeans and t-shirts.  Then we go home after breakfast to change clothes.  So the Princess came downstairs to see her goodies!



She was surprised to see that the Easter Bunny also brought her daddy and me something, too.  (She thinks Easter Bunnies are just for kids! Smile)


DSCN5836 (Tony’s)


DSCN5837 (Mine)


After church, and breakfast at church, we came home to change.  Since I love (LOVE) taking pictures, the Princess sometimes gets a little aggravated at me…..especially when she has been awake since really early!


So I tried to get a good shot:


And tried again:


And again:



Finally, I bribed her (probably with Easter candy) and we got it:

(Isn’t she soooo pretty?!?!)


On Saturday before Easter, the entire family went to our parents’ house.  We grilled out, played games, and hid eggs for the kids.  Unfortunately, my camera was dead.  I had to use my mom’s.  I should have just put my card in her camera.  (I may never see those pictures again!)


Overall, we had a great Easter!  Now, we are almost finished with Spring Break!  The best part about Spring Break is that when we do go back to school/work on Monday, we have only 9 weeks of class left.  (Can’t believe this year is GONE already!) 


Then we have vacations coming in June and July.  The Princess may be having surgery on her ear at the end of the summer, but we are going to have to discuss that further.


For today, I’m going to listen to two little girls (we kept the extra for a 2nd night) playing.  Then we have softball practice later!  Games start tomorrow!  (Uniforms tonight!)  I’m getting excited for softball!!  GO TARHEELS!!

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