Sunday, April 14, 2013

Headache, Backache, and Tired…OH MY!

Yesterday was the BLUR!

Finished burning CDs for the LUAU.

Food shopping for the LUAU.

Store the food in a cold place until the LUAU.

Softball—we won!  By 1 point!

Pick food up and get to Luau location.

Decorate and cook (with the help of about 20 people who came!)


Tear down and clean up! (With the help of lovely people!)


The only problem with a day like that is that I am not supposed to stand up/be on my feet for more than about 15-30 minutes at time.  I went from 5pm-8pm without sitting.  I was running around. 

Finally, I had to stop and ice down my back.

This morning, my head was throbbing.

My back hurt so much I could barely breathe.

My feet were still swollen.

I was just exhausted.


So….  we didn’t make it to church.  I got up.  Ate breakfast.  Sat on the couch for about an hour.  Came back upstairs and went to bed.  I finally got up at 4pm. 

I think that going back to work this week and then doing all the extra stuff for the LUAU just killed me!


I think I will be fine tomorrow!  I hope.  I have an observation by one of the assistant principals tomorrow!!


Only a few weeks left! Then we are working on getting ready for my final exam! 

Anyone want to write that for me???  Smile

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