Monday, April 8, 2013

Random Thoughts

I love my job.  The kids are great!  The people I work with are fantastic!  I don’t dread going to work.


You know, we’ve all had a job where you dread going to work.  There is that one part of the job that you just hate!  Last year, we just really hard for me.  It was very hard for me to drive 90 minutes to work.  It was hard for me to take even longer than that to get home.


I have had jobs where it was miniscule things that I didn’t like about them, but there was always something.


Certain customers

Phone calls

Getting leads

Always working at night

Working every Sunday




Now, I don’t have that!  I don’t mind the drive.  I love the people I’m working with.  I really want to stay there.


However, the job that I think will be my dream job when I get it, was available.  I just found out, through an email, that I didn’t get it.  Ok…so, I never expressed an interest in it to anyone other than my family.  So…. I can’t say they didn’t want me! Smile  I just have to say….they didn’t come SEARCHING for me! Smile 


I am new to my county.  Even if I wanted to leave where I am right now, I would have to wait 3 more years to be able to put in for a transfer.  I could go through the whole resignation, reapplication, rehire process…..




I don’t really want to leave where I am at the moment!  I love it there!  (It’s just not the school I always thought I’d be working at!) But….  if it is EVER meant to be, it will happen.  If not…. I’ll just take the Princess to work with me! Smile

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