Thursday, April 18, 2013

Small Concern/Complaint

Normally I don’t complain about my job because I love it!

Normally I don’t complain about my students because they are wonderful! 

Obviously, this is extremely different than I felt last year, but I did keep most of that OUT of this space.  I would just talk about vague things….never specifics.  That’s what I am going to do here.  Because….what I am going to say has happened to EVERY teacher…. I’m sure!


I was not in class with the kids on Friday.  I had a meeting.  So, I left them PLENTY of work to complete.  They were left with instructions that if they did not complete the work in class, they should do it for homework.  So yesterday, we needed to discuss three pages of study guide questions they were given on Friday.


Of my 36 kids, only about 6 of them had all the questions complete.


So, instead of going over them yesterday for the test on Friday, we are doing that TODAY! 


Unfortunately, that means that the games I had planned for them for today are NOT going to be played because we just won’t have time. Sad smile  Too bad they didn’t do their work so we could play games in class.


But, I guess if this is the WORST thing they ever do (and it’s really close!), then I’m in GREAT shape! 


(Now do you see why I don’t complain about my job or the kids?  Not completing study guide questions is the worst thing they do!)

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