Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Break—Day 3.

Today, I got up at 8am.  I have been searching online for houses for a friend.  She and her family are looking to move and I was helping search.  I found a few and sent them to her.  Hopefully, she will find something. Smile 


I am in the middle of planning the Daddy-Daughter dance for Girl Scouts.  It is going to be a Luau this year!  At this moment, I have no one to help me.  But…. it will all work out. Smile 


Yesterday, the Princess and I worked on her bedroom.  Then we worked on the playroom.  My parents came over and Mom helped in the playroom.  Today, we have to finish her room so that my niece can come stay tonight.  (She and the Princess have been plotting this for WEEKS now!) 


Today, I have some errands to run. We are working on the bedroom.  Then I might take a nap.  It IS Spring Break after all! Smile

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