Friday, May 24, 2013

Busy Weekend…..Again!

With this being a holiday weekend, I have an extra day to fill. Smile 


So, Saturday, we are going to SC.  My brother-in-law’s daughter is playing softball there in a College Showcase tourney.  We are going to go catch a couple of those games and hang out with his brother.  We haven’t seen him since the Princess was like….2…. I think.  So…. it’s been a while! 


Also, Sunday we will have church.


Monday, we will probably get together with family for Memorial Day fun.


All during this time, I am going to be working on those articles I’m writing.  They are due on Tuesday, but I get a bonus if I get them in on Monday!  (That’s what I’m shooting for!!) 


Tuesday sends us all back to work and school, but the Princess and I will only have 9 days left until we get to sleep in! 


Today….we have 10 days left (counting today!)!!!  Almost single digits.  Almost done! 

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