Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorable Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, I hope you said THANK YOU to a soldier (past or present).  I hope you stopped to think about all the things we have because of everything they sacrificed.


I spent my Memorial Day in front of my computer.  With only a total of about 90 minutes worth of breaks (food, potty, hanging with the Princess), I wrote all day.  I accepted a job writing articles.  I have 20 test articles due today. 


Last week, something came up almost every night.  So I didn’t get to write them.  I spent Sunday and yesterday working on them.  I wrote 2 on Sunday.  I wrote 9 yesterday.  I still have 9 left to write today.  Unfortunately, I have to do the “real job” thing today.  So I am going to have to find a way to do research and write articles while I am at work….. guess that will be my planning period today! Smile 


Some of the articles aren’t hard to find information for, but others are killing me.  Once I get the hang of it, it won’t be hard to write 4-5 articles in a day.  The 100 expected in a month won’t be hard at all.  (I just hope the person I’m writing for doesn’t give me a list of 100 all at one time…..  I might pass out!)  Smile  If they do, I will find the ones I think will be easy and the ones I think will be harder.  If I do 1-2 hard ones first, then the easier ones will be my rewards! Smile 


My Memorial Day wasn’t memorable because I did anything special but because I should REMEMBER not to procrastinate! Smile

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