Monday, May 13, 2013

My Mother’s Day

Went to church yesterday.  Loved it.  Visited my brother’s church.  Their new pastor rocks!  (Might have to go back!!!!)


Went to Mt. Airy to take flowers to Tony’s mom’s grave.  Beautiful day.  Stopped at my favorite place in Winston-Salem to eat! Smile  Put the flowers on her grave.  Started for home.


I started to dose.  I had all intentions of sleeping the entire drive back. 


All of a sudden-----*BAM*!


I sat straight up!  “What was that?!”

Tony said, “Something hit the car.”

I said, “You just hit something?” (Still a little dazed!)

T said, “No.  Something fell from the bridge and hit us!”


We got out to look.  There is a chunky crack in the front of my van.  YES!  The van I haven’t even had for two months yet!  It’s only where a license plate would go in the front though.  (If we had been driving any faster, it would have shattered the windshield and probably have caused a huge wreck!)


Another man and woman stop.  He says, “Did you just get hit by something?”


“Me too.  I think I got it after it hit you. I’m going to call the cops.  Someone is throwing stuff off the bridge.”


Then the IMAP guy shows up and waits with us until the cops get there…….  35 minutes later!


During that time, Tony and the other guy walk down to the bridge where it happened.  They take pics of the rocks in the road. These are HAND-SIZED rocks that someone is throwing over a 10-foot tall fence on the bridge over Hwy. 52. 


Finally the cops give us the “report”.  It’s a half sheet of paper to call the insurance with.  Now we have to pay the deductible to get it fixed. Sad smile  Should be interesting!


We finally got home and spent time with my parents, siblings, and all the kids!!!  Got home late!  (Now I’m tired!  Is it naptime yet?!?!?! LOL) 


19 days of school left!  3 teacher work days left!  I’m ready to sleep in just a little! Smile

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