Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sometimes Good Things Happen

Until I get the official notification via email/USPS, I will only say that there is a very good chance that the Princess will be changing schools next year. 


We went to the official lottery yesterday afternoon.  Her number was drawn. 


However, I am not giving more details until I get the paperwork in my hand. 


I know that God has worked this out.  Sometimes, my “doubting Thomas self,” needs to see it in black and white before I shout it from the roof tops! Smile 


But…. I promise…. I will be shouting it!  It is an awesome thing that the Lord has worked out for us, for the Princess!



On a different note, please remember my pastor and his family in your prayers.  They told him last night that his father (earthly father) only has about a week left. Sad smile  I know it is going to kill him when it happens.  Just pray that God will give him the peace he needs for the situation.

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