Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Today is the Day

Today is the day that….

1. We only have 22 days of school left.  Of those, only 16 teaching days.  6 are exam days!


2. We find out if the Princess gets into one of the schools were are hoping for.  We applied to a couple.  However, because of money (and not wanting to pay more a month for her to go to school than we do for a car payment) one of the schools is not an option!  This one, is FREE.  There is just a lottery to get in.  They are doing the lottery for 5th grade today.  So we will know soon (as soon as it is posted on the website) if she got in or got waitlisted! 


3. We finalize everything for the Girl Scout Celebration Ceremony this Friday.  I am going to get the certificates done and signed.  I am going to get the ceremony written.  I am going to confirm everyone who is helping and/or attending.  This should be  really easy ceremony for me. Smile  I like them like that!


4. We are celebrated at school for being teachers.  Actually, my school does “Teacher Appreciation” all year.  However, this week (Teacher Appreciate Week) is FABULOUS!  We get little gifts in our mail boxes every morning.  Monday there were homemade cookies from the PTSO in the teacher workrooms.  Tuesday the administrators had lunch catered for us.  (IT WAS GREAT!)  Today, we have an ice cream party after school!  Seriously!  I can’t imagine what Thursday and Friday might have in store! Smile 


5. We are ONE day closer to the weekend! Smile 


So…… today is the day I am going to get a lot accomplished.  Can’t you tell?

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