Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Holy Hiatus “Batman”!

Wow!  I can’t believe I went two days without writing.  I have gotten in such a habit that now it just feels strange.


There isn’t much going on in these parts right now.

1. Saturday—Softball was cancelled, but they are rescheduling for THIS Saturday.  8:30am!  (Hooray for waking up early on Saturdays!)


2. Sunday—We officially told our pastor and his wife that we are leaving the church.  They tried really hard to get us to stay, but we aren’t leaving because of them.  It’s the other stuff (some other people) that are killing our church.  Unfortunately, it’s really the only church the Princess has ever known.  We started attending there in June 2003.  She was born in August 2003.  10 years!  A decade!!


3. Monday—I took my dad to get his hearing aid fixed.  Simple enough… the filter was clogged.  He had already cleaned it.  But…. still clogged.  New filter—no charge—now he can hear again! Smile 


4. Today—I’m going in for my last day of work at school for the summer.  I do have a couple of writing jobs, but other than that…. nothing.  Smile  I’m okay with that!  Yesterday I actually slept until 6:30am!  Seriously??  I have to teach my body that 6:30 is not really “sleeping in”!!  LOL Smile Smile  It will get it right!  Hopefully tomorrow I will sleep until 10am!  (That will NOT be the norm, but I’d love to do it tomorrow…. just to get some rest for my “official” first day of summer!)


Father’s Day is this weekend.  No idea what we are getting or doing for the fathers in my life.


Next weekend is when we are going to Hilton Head Island, SC.  I have never been.  So hopefully, I will have LOTS of stories and lots of pictures!  (I know I’ll have lots of both!  But… telling them will be different!)  Smile 


Still can’t believe this summer is starting already!

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