Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Interesting Day

Today, since we are giving new state tests (Common Exams/Measures of Student Learning) in NC, the English teachers at my school are all going to be in one room all day.  (That should be fun!)  We have to grade the tests. 


YES!  You read that right!  The teachers are grading the state required tests! 


Each test had multiple choice and a written part.  The MC is being sent off to be graded—that’s easy!  Each of the written responses is going to be read by at least TWO teachers today.  Then we will give them a grade. 


Does anyone else see an issue here?  I grade differently that other teachers at MY school.  I know that teachers at other schools grade differently than we grade at our school.  So the test results (other than the MC) will be biased/skewed at each school…. or so I fear. 


I guess we will see.  I hope that this works the way the state has planned, but we will see.  We will definitely see.



COUNTDOWN----4 days (counting today) for the Princess; 5 days for me!  (I’m getting excited to be home with her for the summer! I need to get her signed up for the summer reading program at the library!)

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