Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Please Excuse Me

I know I said I would post Hilton Head pics today.  However, I am in a lot of pain.


On Thursday of last week, I woke up with a sore shoulder.  I thought I slept on it wrong, so I went about my business as usual.  We left Thursday night for vacation.  Over the weekend, it has gotten worse.  I kept hoping every night that I would sleep on it right and it would be wonderful the next day.  That is NOT how it worked.


Today, I was hoping to get in with my chiropractor.  But… he is booked and closes early on Wednesdays to go to church. 


I am sitting here with my left arm over a pillow so that I don’t move it too much.  I can’t turn my head in either direction because of the pain.  If I cough, laugh, cry, or sneeze….  let’s just say they all end in tears.  Kind of like typing….  I have tears rolling down my face now trying to write this.


I am hoping it’s just a pulled muscle.  I’m hoping that the old saying “it has to get worse before it can get better” is in full effect.  I am also hoping that when I get adjusted tomorrow (at my regularly scheduled chiropractic appointment) that I will feel awesome.  If not, that means I am going to be heading to a doctor on Friday.  (Who wants to spend their Friday in a doctor’s office?? Not this girl!!!)


So….prayers are appreciated.  I will let you know what Doc says at my adjustment tomorrow.

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