Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hilton Head

As promised, here are some of the pics from Hilton Head.  We arrived on Friday to this room. 



Nice…right?  The only problem was that we were supposed to have queen beds.  We had doubles.  (A little short, but they worked!)


That evening, Tony and the Princess walked to the beach.  It was a little far for me.  My legs and back were hurting from being in the car for so long. Sad smile 


In order to get the fabulous deal we got, we had to go to a 90-120 minute presentation on Saturday at noon.  It started at noon, and we were back in the car by 2pm.  If we were going to buy a timeshare, these would be the people to deal with.  They weren’t pushy.  When we said “no,” they did make ONE more effort (change price, down payment, etc.).  BUT…after we said “no” again, they shook our hands and took us back to the front door.  Friendly.  Polite.  Did not seem upset that we did not purchase.  Nice.

When we were finished with the presentation, we decided to go to the Harbor Town Lighthouse.  I had never (that I remember anyways) seen a lighthouse in person!  Obviously neither had the Princess! Smile  So… we went.  It was nice. 


Who am I kidding?!  It was FABULOUS!


I was standing at the base looking up.  (Tony had to stand behind me. I was terrified!)  I’m scared of heights so looking up at something really high makes my knees weak too! Smile  (NO LAUGHING AT ME!!!)



Even though all 114 steps are INSIDE, knowing that I am going to be that high off the ground……  well… just imagine!  I made it all the way, but about 1/2 way I had a panic attack.  Just a small one.  But… I kept going. 



I was the first one of the three of us to the top!!! 


I *did* go out on the ledge of the lighthouse, but only far enough that the door could close behind me.  Then I went right back inside!  Smile Afterwards, we got ice cream!


Sunday, we got up early and went to the beach for a few hours. Since all of us burn easily, we had to go when the sun was just coming up, but we still all had 100 SPF on! Smile 


Monday we came home. Sad smile  I guess it’s good!  I’m glad to be home.  Now… we only have 24 days until we take Mom and Dad to Myrtle Beach! 

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S.I.F. said...

Sounds like such an awesome vacation - totally worth the non-pushy timeshare presentation!