Friday, July 12, 2013

Time Management

I have always been horrible at time management.  If I think it is going to take 20 minutes to do something, I plan for 60!  Seriously!  (Sometimes, miraculously, I have a little time left over!)


I could never been one of the people to give estimates for time and labor (i.e. construction planner).  I would always be WRONG! Smile 


Anyways, I have three writing contracts going at the same time.  One allows me to pick my topics and write 6 articles a week.  Smile

One normally gives me a niche and says write ## articles. Smile

One gave me a list and told me to pick and write articles. Smile


That should all work well…right?  EXCEPT…..

Yesterday, the middle client (from above) sent me a message on Skype that I had 30 minutes to complete a project.  Finished it.  Then he sent me a 5 part project and said I had 1.5 hours.  Almost finished it, but it is done now…..because at 1 hour and 15 minutes he said….stop!  You have 30 minutes to finish this new project!  Then you can finish the other tonight.  All is complete.


That put everything else on hold.  Sad smile


I have 3 articles left for the 3rd client above.  I think after that I am going to end that contract because the other two give me more than enough work.  The top client above pays extremely well, so I’m hoping to keep up those 6 weekly articles even after I go back to work. Smile  That would give me extra cash for everything! Smile 


Now…can someone tell me why I didn’t start writing a couple years ago?  I know….I know… it wasn’t the right time. Smile


Thanks for being so supportive and patient as I try to manage my time…..  I’m going to need an assistant. Smile

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