Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Lot Can Happen in Six Years

WOW! I can’t believe that I first posted on this blog on October 25, 2008. That seems like so long ago, but it really isn’t.


6 short years.


In six years, the Princess has started school. She has been a dancer, gymnast, Girl Scout, and wonderful daughter.


In six years, I have started and completed my Master’s degree. Taught for two years and starting my third year next week. Began writing as a freelance writer and getting paid for it.


In six years, Tony has been at the same job the entire time. Smile He has moved up the ladder as far as positions go, and pay, but he has been stable with the same company. That is a blessing!


In six years, we have only moved once, but we stopped renting to become homeowners. We are still unpacking because it is hard to move and work and have a family at the same time.


In six years, I have watched my family get closer as my parents have gotten weaker. Don’t get me wrong! They are still kicking, but I have watched my parents’ health start to show their ages. It’s not fun to admit that your parents are getting older.


Six years from now, if we follow the system that we read about and have no unforeseen emergencies that arrive, Tony and I will be close to paying off all of our debts…. including the house. If we do it the way we figured it out. (If you are curious, ask. It wasn’t our original idea, but we think it might work. I will share it with you.)


Six years from now, the Princess who is getting ready to start 5th grade will be getting ready to start 10th grade. She will be looking at colleges and planning her future.


Six years from now, we will be looking at big changes coming our way. But….we are preparing for them every day.


I really don’t want to think about six years from now. I want to think about six minutes from now when I go to wake up the Princess so we can have a full day of adventures. I have enjoyed having her at home with me every day this summer. I can’t imagine giving her up for a bunch of “stinking teenagers” next week. It is going to be hard.


But…. for today… I will remember all that has happened in the last six years, try to prepare for what is coming in the next six year, and love every minute of today with the Princess.

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