Monday, August 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Princess!

On Saturday, we had a Duck Dynasty themed bowling party for the Princess. There were about 15 people there!


On Sunday, the Princess turned 10. She is still the most beautiful, thoughtful, adoring little girl. But, she’s becoming a young lady before my eyes.


On Saturday, she had softball practice. Then she wore camo to the party.


On Sunday, she was all pink and girly. She wore a skirt to church. After church, my mom took her to have her nails done!  PINK….of course!


She’s prissy, but tough. 

I’m so glad God gave her to me. I just hope that I can be the mommy that I need to be for her. (I know I mess up sometimes, but I hope I don’t send her running to therapy! LOL) 


Today, is my first day back at work. So, the Princess gets to go spend time with my mom. She is going to love that!

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