Friday, August 9, 2013

It’s Friday.

I have been writing all week.


But, that is not all.


I have actually taken time this week to see my parents, supper 2x. I have learned new Nintendo DS games with the Princess this week. (Ok! Not really new. It was Super Mario! LOL) Tony, the Princess, and I played NFL Monopoly last night. Tony beat us really bad, but we played.  (No different that real Monopoly. Instead of street names, it has teams. Houses are “sections” and condos are “stadiums”.)


Tonight, we are supposed to go hang out with my parents, eat supper, and play canasta. We haven’t done that in a long time. Smile So I am looking forward to it.


Tomorrow, I was supposed to go scrapbooking all day with my Divas, but Tony has to work. So, I will not get to go. I know my parents will be busy tomorrow, so I won’t ask them to keep the Princess for me….even if they say it is fine…..even if she helps them more than getting in their way! 


So, I will go visit my Divas for a little bit, but I won’t stay to scrapbook. I will just socialize and leave. When the weather gets cooler, Tony’s job will slow down; it always does. Then I get to scrapbook twice a month. I will get a lot of stuff done that way too.  But…. until cooler weather (this is just another reason to love cooler weather) I will socialize and leave my scrapbooking supplies at home. Smile 


Today, I am going to do a little writing. Hang out with the Princess. Go work at the daycare for a little bit so that my mom can go to the doctor. Then….who knows what until Tony gets home and we hang with my parents!

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