Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Thinking….I know….That’s Dangerous

So I have been writing these articles about fashion lately. So far I have written about 35-40 articles. Today one of them is about how to organize a closet and accessories. I keep thinking to myself, am I the only person who does not have a summer wardrobe and a winter one? Am I the only person who wears the same clothes all year?


Seriously, there are few items in my closet that are not worn year round. My coats are there. Obviously I’m not wearing them when it is hot. My flip flops…I don’t wear them in the cold. Although, in NC, it really does not get THAT cold. So I could probably wear those year round. I don’t wear my capris and swimsuit in the winter either.


My shirt are all short sleeved or no longer than elbow length. I have black pants, knit and dress pants, that I wear all the time. I am almost 6 feet tall. It is hard to find pants that fit; when I do, I buy three or four pairs. Right now, I have 5 or 6 pairs of black dress pants that all look exactly alike. I’m sure my students think I wear the same pants every day! lol


Most of my shirts are black and white, with some kind of print. Then I have a few really LOUD shirts.


I do not change out my wardrobe.  I do not have enough clothes that I need to have 4 hanging racks. I only have like 6 pairs of shoes, and I just got two of those this weekend. I wear my cowboy boots to work every day… or I did. Right now, my ankles won’t fit in them. I have fluid around my ankles. (Yes! I have a doctor’s appointment, but I couldn’t get in to see her until September!)  So, I had to have different shoes to wear. I have some flats now, but I’m sure my feet are going to be killing me from wearing them. Sad smile 


I guess I just can’t relate to people who have 8 jewelry boxes of accessories and need 12 closets to hold all their shoes and clothes!  ONE DAY….when I win the lottery!  lol  Nah….not even then will I need so much space!

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