Friday, September 27, 2013

Reading Challenge

Wow!  I have been reading a lot lately.


The princess has definitely been reading A LOT. Since should started, she has already read 3 1/2 books. (She was working on one when school started, so I told her she can’t count it.)


Her new school, which I’m loving by the way, has a reading challenge. Teachers are supposed to read 30 books in a year and students are to read 50. After each book, the students are to complete a little project about the book. Last night, the Princess did her project on the most recent book. All she had to do was put 10 items into a shoe box that represent important things from the book.


So far this year, she has read:

Frendle (Andrew Clements)

No Talking (Andrew Clements) [These two were actually in a book together called School Rules, but because they can be purchased separately, they count as two books.)

Eight Keys (Suzanne LeFleur)


Currently reading:

Savvy (Ingrid Law)—She only has about 1oo pages left, so she should finish that up this weekend. Smile  She typically reads 30 pages a night. So tomorrow and Sunday, she can finish it up and work on her project for it.


Future books to read:

Number the Stars

The Red Pyramid

Among the Hidden

Confectionately Yours: Taking the Cake

And many others! 


We have a list of books that she wants to read. Many of which we already own, so she can just keep reading them in rapid succession!



ME?  Why yes! I have been reading too! Smile


I decided that since I am a teacher too, I would take the challenge. I have completed 2 books and I am working on my 3rd.



No Easy Day (The book about the operation that ended up killing O-sama B-in L-adin—I don’t want to come up in any random searches for his name! LOL—it was written by a Navy S-E-A-L. It is AWESOME!)


Speak (I am going to use this with my class, so I decided to read it myself first! lol)


Currently reading:

The Longest Ride (Nicholas Sparks)—My sister stood in line for 3 hours to get two autographed copies. One of which she gave to me. It is the FIRST autographed copy I have of ANY book!  So awesome! Smile 


I have a list of books that I want to read too, but I think I will be reading some of the same ones as the Princess because I may need to preview some of hers before she gets to them….i.e. The Hunger Games series.


We are reading over here. What are you reading over there? Anyone want to join us in this challenge?

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Lynne said...

I like the shoe box idea, and love the encouragement to read!