Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tired, Sleepy, and Super Busy

I can’t believe that I haven’t written in over a week. How could I let that happen?  I have had so much to talk about in the past week!


1. Yesterday was my brother’s birthday. He is now 39 years old.


2. School has been great. The students are good. They announced yesterday that they are officially finished with schedule changes, so I should not have to worry about any kids moving into or out of my classes now.


3. Over the weekend, Tony, my parents, the Princess, and I went to Boone. We stayed in an awesome condo. I now have more things to check when I ask about places to stay. Internet….check. Handicap accessible…sorta check. (It was all one level, but the doors were very narrow and there was no walk in shower.) Central heat/AC….NO! Well, I don’t know about heat because it was in the 80s while we were there, but there was only a WINDOW unit in the place!  Can’t believe I didn’t see that on the description! Smile  I will check better next time.


4. Family pics are today! All 15 of us! This is going to be fun!


5. Christmas is only 110 (I think) days away! Is everyone completely ready? I know I’m not!


6. The Princess has decided that she wants to “start a business” since a kid in her class has one. She wants to make fleece scarves. I told her I would help. She is planning to get a corner of her playroom cleaned out so that we can use it to make the scarves. I told her that SHE would have to find a place…..NOT me! Smile 


7. We are planning our next trip already……Gatlinburg! We are planning to go back the day after Christmas and stay until New Year’s Eve. That way everyone can have Jan 1st to get ready to go back to work/school on Jan. 2nd. Smile  Mom and Dad are going. I know we are going. I am trying to get my sister (and possibly brother) and their clans to go to. We went to the beach for them this summer….they should go to the mountains for us this winter….right?  Smile  It’s only fair. I love the mountains. My siblings love the beach! (I have NO IDEA how my parents could have one perfect child—ME—and two messed up kids like that!) 


8. Girl Scouts start back up soon. All of my girls are the same ages this year, so we can do more interesting things.  Smile 


I know I forgot some things.  However, I can’t remember everything I have done in the last week!  That is why I should write it down EACH DAY!

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Lynne said...

My you have been busy and forward plans to boot...awesome ambition for the Princess, I wish her the best! Hope you have a wonderful week!