Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Busy Week=Little Sleep

Monday night, I had a PTC chair meeting at the Princess’s school.  I’m the chair of the social committee for the PTC (Parent Teacher Committee).


Tuesday night, I had a Teacher Appreciation sub-committee meeting. 2 hours. Accomplished a lot! Smile 


Tonight (Wednesday) I have a Hospitality sub-committee meeting. 2 hours. Hopefully will accomplish a lot! Smile


Tomorrow we start Girl Scouts for the year! I hate starting so late, but we had to get some new girls. Right now, we have like 15, I think. We always accept more.


Friday, I have to work the gate for the football game at school.  Once that is finished, I will be coming home to crash…..  Yeah right! That’s not how it works.


Saturday, while Tony is working, the Princess and I have to be at the softball field for a double header! That makes for a VERY long day!


Sunday, I’m going to my mom and dad’s church (the church that we recently left). Dad asked me to come back and sing with him for Homecoming. I can’t tell Dad no…..well, I could, but I don’t normally. Smile


Then Monday starts a new week.  Wait…. I have nothing next week except for Girl Scouts on Thursday and possibly scrapbooking on Friday/Saturday!


Might be an easier week next week. Smile

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