Friday, October 4, 2013

Finally Friday!

I’m so excited that it is Friday! Today, I can pay $1 to wear jeans to work. I really wish I had something PINK to wear. Then I would be totally appropriate. However, I think I might wear my navy blue and my jeans and my brown boots.


I’m on fluid pills now for all the fluid that my legs and ankles are holding. I don’t think they are working as well as the doc would like. So….she might have to play with it. I still can’t get my black boots on. If  I do, my ankles swell so much that I can’t get the boots off.


Last night, we had 11 girls at Girl Scouts. It was FABULOUS!  I hope they all come every week! That would make it GREAT for the activities that we need to do.  I just need to figure out what we are planning to do NEXT week.  Smile 


This week has been very difficult. I have had a meeting EVERY night. Tonight I have to work the gate at the football game for work. I’ll probably leave at halftime.


Tomorrow is a double header—we have to arrive at 8am! 


Today is spirit day at the Princess’s school.  She has a “wolf” shirt because it is the closest thing to a HUSKY we could find.


I am almost finished with my 3rd book for the school year. I’m trying to figure out what I am going to read next. I think I might post some book reviews here for the books I have already read.  I’ll think about it. Smile

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Lynne said...

I was placed on a fluid pill for my blood pressure, not too happy about it. You are one busy cookie!