Saturday, October 12, 2013

Making Decision

I have always hated making decisions.


Last night, I made a great one!


After being broken-hearted that I could not make it to scrapbooking, Tony actually got off work in time that I could go. However, after going by my Papaw’s how to get my mom… (She takes his car to him on Fridays.  That’s another story. Smile)…I decided that I would not go scrapbooking. I could have made it for a couple of hours. I decided to spend time with my family.


We haven’t done that in a while. So, we went to the Chinese buffet. After dinner, we went to watch part of the race that is in town this weekend on my dad’s huge TV. My brother and two nephews were there. We stayed until about 9:30pm. Then we left and came home to get some rest.


I wrote my article about my Interpreting career. (When it is posted, I will link it here.)


Then we were all in bed by 11pm.


Now, Tony is already at work. Sad smile 

The Princess is eating breakfast and getting ready for softball.

I’m writing, going to eat breakfast and getting ready for softball.

This afternoon we have some homework for the Princess. Some cleaning for both of us. Some laundry for the family!


I think I made a great decision last night! Smile

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Lynne said...

Yes, you did! :-)